The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association currently counts 64 members. Each of them belongs to one of the two following categories:

  • Full Members – composed of two sub-categories: Industry Members and Research Members
  • Associate Members
    • Industry Membershipis open to industrial and commercial companies active in the field of the EGVI PPP, from the following industries:
      • Automotive industry: companies involved in engineering and manufacturing of vehicles, automotive systems and components
      • Smart Systems industry: companies involved in engineering and production of smart systems and their integration at all stages of the supply chain
      • Smart Grids industry: companies involved in engineering and deployment of smart electricity grids
    • Research Provider Membership is open to research institutes and universities active in the field of road transport technologies.
    • Associate Membership is open to non-governmental organisations involved in European transport research.

Governing bodies

  • The General Assembly consists of all the EGVIA members and is the supreme body of the Association. Its role is to approve the general policy on the basis of proposals of the Executive Board and give recommendations for its implementation.
  • The Executive Board is responsible legally for the Association. It manages the work of the Association for achieving its objectives, is responsible for its financial management, and its representation towards third parties.

    The Executive Board Members are elected amongst the designated representatives of the Industry Members of the Association:
    • Chairman, from the automotive industry - Stephan Neugebauer (BMW Group)
    • Vice-Chairman, from the automotive industry – Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni (Valeo)
    • Vice-Chairman, from the smart systems industry – Wolfgang Dettmann (Infineon)
    • Secretary General – Josef Affenzeller (AVL List)

    In addition, one Board Observer is elected to attend the meetings and represent the Research Members – Klaus Kersting (IDIADA).

  • The Industry Delegation represents the Industry Members of EGVIA within the Partnership Board of the European Green Vehicles Initiative PPP – the body gathering industry representatives with European Commission services.

    It is composed of 25 members :
    • 4 Members of the Executive Board (BMW Group, Valeo, AVL List, Infineon)
    • 1 Observer of the Research Members (IDIADA)
    • 15 Delegates from the automotive industry (CRF, Volkswagen, Renault, Volvo, Daimler Trucks, PSA, Piaggio, Hidria, FEV, IFPEN, Ricardo, Bosch, Continental, Fraunhofer, Mondragon Automotion)
    • 3 Delegates from the smart systems industry (NXP, ELAPHE-EV, one other to be nominated)
    • 2 Delegates from the smart grids industry (Iberdrola, one other to be nominated)
    • the ETPs secretariats (ERTRAC, EPoSS, SmartGrids)