Objectives and scope

According to the Horizon 2020 regulation, the development of ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’ is a major Societal Challenge for Europe. The EGVI PPP addresses this challenge: it aims at delivering green vehicles and mobility system solutions which contribute to the development of a competitive and sustainable transport system in Europe. Involving the automotive, smart systems and smart grids industries in a cross-sectoral approach, it should also have a positive impact on the innovative strength and global competitiveness of the European economy.

The scope of the European Green Vehicles Initiative focuses on the energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains in the road transport sector. It covers several types of road vehicles, from passenger cars, trucks and buses to two-wheelers and new vehicle concepts.

The topics addressed within the EGVI PPP need to respond to this goal of energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains. They concern all the technologies required at various product layers - from modules to systems and vehicles, as well as the integration of resources and the integration into the infrastructures. The objective of this integrated approach is to cover the entire process chain from resource application to demonstration and creation of services, and to extend research and development to innovation.

Figure: The scope of the EGVI PPP – examples of technology content. 

Further information about the scope of the EGVI PPP can be found in the Multiannual Roadmap.