The European Green Vehicles Initiative is a contractual public-private partnership dedicated to delivering green vehicles and mobility system solutions which match the major societal, environmental and economic challenges ahead. With a focus on the energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains, the EGVI PPP aims at accelerating research, development and demonstration of technologies allowing the efficient use of clean energies in road transport.

The Partnership involves all industry, research and associate members of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA) and the various Directorates General of the European Commission engaged in the PPP. Public and private partners collaborate to identify research and innovation activities to be proposed for financial support under Horizon 2020 - the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in the period 2014-2020. Three rounds of biennial calls for proposals are expected to be launched within the EGVI PPP.

The European Green Vehicles Initiative is established in the continuation of the European Green Cars Initiative (2009-2013). The latter was created in an ad-hoc manner in the 7th Framework Programme, in response to the global economic crisis of 2008, and led to the joint funding of more than 80 collaborative research projects. Although the scopes of the two Initiatives slightly differ – the EGVI PPP specifically focuses on the energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains and covers additional vehicle types – the approach and working methods developed are similar.

The Multiannual Roadmap for the EGVI Contractual Public-Private Partnership is the document of reference for the implementation of the PPP. It takes into account the roadmaps from the three European Technology Platforms involved - ERTRAC, EPoSS and SmartGrids, and outlines the vision, research and development strategy, as well as the expected impact and governance model of the European Green Vehicles Initiative.