Funding mechanisms

Three rounds of biennial calls for proposals are expected to be launched within the European Green Vehicles Initiative PPP in the period 2014-2020. They will follow the four annual rounds of calls already published in the framework of the Green Cars Initiative (2009-2013).

All the calls are published on the European Commission's portal for research, CORDIS and are available for consultation on our website.

Horizon 2020 funding 

The funding mechanism in Horizon 2020 is based on the principle of co-financing. The European Commission allocates grants to specific projects, thus contributing a defined percentage to the total costs. The projects are selected through a system of calls for proposals, which specify in advance the topics of the projects to be funded.

Several EU funding schemes are in place to support trans-national cooperation among interested stakeholders.

Two types of projects are particularly relevant to the EGVI PPP:

1) Collaborative projects: the research projects are carried out by consortia with participants from different countries. The size, scope and internal organisation of projects can vary from topic to topic. Projects can range from small or medium-scale focused research actions to large-scale integrating projects for achieving a defined objective.

There are two types of collaborative projects:

    • Research and Innovation Actions - 100% funding
    • Innovation Action - 70% funding

2) Coordination and support actions (CSA): the activities are aimed at coordinating or supporting research activities and policies (networking, exchanges, trans-national access to research infrastructures, studies, conferences, etc.).

Further information about funding mechanisms can be found on the Horizon 2020 website.

European Investment Bank loans 

In addition to grants received from FP7 funding, organisations involved in transport research can also apply for loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB). For more information, please consult its website.