Calls for proposals

The full list of calls for proposals launched within the European Green Vehicles Initiative (2014-2020) and the European Green Cars Initiative (2009-2013) is available on this page.

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Call identifier:

Calls for proposals FP Year Call Identifier Theme Deadline
Materials, Technologies and Processes for Sustainable Automotive Electrochemical Storage Applications FP7 2010 FP7-2010-GC-ELECTROCHEMICAL-STORAGE Sustainable Surface Transport 14 Jan 2010
Green Cars - Integrated EU demonstration Project on Electromobility FP7 2010 FP7-TRANSPORT-2010-TREN-1 Sustainable Surface Transport 14 Jan 2010
European Green Cars Initiative - RTD Pillar FP7 2010 FP7-SST-2010-RTD-1 Sustainable Surface Transport 14 Jan 2010