TRA Conference 2014 took place on 14-17 April, in Paris

TRA 2014 brought together almost 3,000 participants from Europe and beyond, and from various backgrounds, around the theme «Transport Solutions: From Research to Deployment». 

The European Green Vehicles Initiative shared a stand with ERTRAC - the European Technology Platform for Road Transport - in the exhibition area of the conference. Several items resulting from collaborative projects launched in the Green Cars Initiative were presented on the stand:

  • Small scale 1.5 Ah lithium-ion cell (GreenLion project)
  • Double coated anodic roll (GreenLion project)
  • Advanced two-stroke CI engine concept running on diesel fuel and integrating the low thermal homogeneous combustion mode (Renault - POWERFUL project)
  • Battery module from the SmartBatt battery system (SmartBatt project)
  • 3D-structured collector foils (ELIBAMA project)

In addition, a slideshow presenting the objectives and results of various EGCI projects was displayed on our screens.

The next edition of the conference - TRA 2016 - will take place in Warsaw, Poland.