The European Commission is launching two Horizon Prizes

The European Commission will award €1.5 million for the best technology retrofitting existing diesel engines without increasing fuel consumption; and €3.5 million for a fully innovative conventional fuel engine and powertrain technology for future vehicles. The expected impact is to reduce emissions of pollutants under real driving conditions to the lowest level possible while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The prizes have been launched on 20 April 2016 at the TRA Conference in Warsaw, where the Rules of the Contest, including detailed information and guidelines on requirements, evaluation and award procedure, have been announced. All the relevant information is available on the European Commission's Participant Portal.

For any question concerning the prizes, please contact: 
For the Prize "Engine Retrofit for Clean Air": EC-ENGINE-RETROFIT-PRIZE@EC.EUROPA.EU
For the Prize "Cleanest Engine of the Future": EC-FUTURE-ENGINE-PRIZE@EC.EUROPA.EU

General information on these two Horizon prizes is already available at the Horizon 2020 Transport Work Programme 2016-2017.