Advanced Structural Light-Weight Architectures for Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry has not yet decided which the optimum architecture solution for electric vehicles is; this and the fact that requirements and constraints deriving from an electrical powertrain are much less stringent in several areas make necessary to study new solutions specifically designed for the particularities of electric vehicles. Therefore E-LIGHT proposal aims at exploring all the aspects and requirements for optimal electric vehicle architectures.

These particularities will be studied in E-Light project, focussing on: Modularity of components; Ergonomic designs; Innovative safety concepts; and Better aerodynamic performance and lesser weight which will decrease the overall power consumption and consequently will increase the range.

The main objective of E-Light project is to develop an innovative multi-material modular architecture specifically designed for electric vehicles, achieving optimal light weight and crashworthy performances while ensuring ergonomic on board.

  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: STREP
  • Status: Completed
  • Ongoing Date: 31 Dec 2013
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars
  • Technology fields: Vehicle Systems Integration, Safety,
  • Project Partners: CIDAUT (Spain), EAST-4D (Germany), Fundación Tecnalia Research and Innovation (Spain), Pininfarina (Italy), Pôle Véhicule du Futur (France), Ricardo (United Kingdom), University of Sheffield (United Kingdom),
  • Website: http://www.elight-project.eu/
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