High Energy Lithium-IOn Storage Solutions

A large consortium including six car manufacturers, laboratories and test institutes, one recycler and two battery manufacturers will combine their efforts to understand the causes behind the battery cells aging and safety behavior. The study is performed on large High Energy cells for Electric Vehicles, PHEV and Hybrid Heavy Duty trucks applications.

The objectives of the HELIOS project are to:

  • evaluate the performances on representative large cell formats (~40Ah cells) using 4 different positive electrodes (NCA,
  • LMO blend, LFP & NMC) / graphite anode.
  • Propose updated safety and life test procedures for high energy battery cells used in European context
  • Have the cells samples analysed “post-mortem” before and after ageing tests to identify for each technology the aging and safety mechanisms.
  • Estimate the recyclability & perfome the cost evaluation on the cells and then on the whole battery pack.
  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: STREP
  • Status: Completed
  • Ongoing Date: 31 Aug 2013
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars , Trucks
  • Technology fields: Energy Storage Systems,
  • Project Partners: Arsenal (AIT) (Austria), CEA (France), CNRS LAAS (France), EDF (France), ENEA (Italy), Ford (Germany), INERIS (France), JCHAR (Germany), OPEL (Germany), PSA (France), Renault (France), RWTH Aachen - IKA (Germany), SAFT (France), Umicore (Belgium), Uppsala Universitet (Sweden), Volvo Technology AB (Sweden), ZSW (Germany), CRF - Centro Ricerche Fiat (Italy),
  • Website: http://www.helios-eu.org/
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