coHerent measures and environmental interventions to debottleneck hUBs of the multimodal netWork fAvoured bY Seamless flow of goods

HUBWAYS provides models and capabilities for cooperation and communication between multimodal terminal network stakeholders, amplifying, thus, their joint capabilities. It also establishes Common Value Added Services which, combined with existing services, facilitate end-to-end co-modal, low-CO2 transport solutions that maximise utilisation of terminal and logistics resources and transform multimodal terminals into Green Hubs. These are, a multimodal terminal eco-efficiency calculator which provides the missing carbon footprint information in multimodal terminal networks; integrated competitive services for managing improvements in eco-efficiency; and a Measuring and Benchmarking System to provide the means for long term monitoring of greening activities. Terminal Owners and Operators, Freight Forwarders, and Shippers who organize their own transport operations are project stakeholders and the direct target audience for HUBWAYS results.

HUBWAYS demonstrations will take place across several representative operating scenarios in four Business Cases through terminals in Italy, Sweden, Slovenia and Belgium. By allowing the industry stakeholders to drive HUBWAYS, the output solutions will address the real needs of this sector in a cost-effective way. Cooperation with existing research projects will enable evaluation of the approach in the overall context of co-modal transport and will provide data for measuring the actual impact.