Model-based Analysis & Engineering of Novel Architectures for Dependable Electric Vehicles

  • Framework: FP7
  • Type: IP
  • Status: Completed
  • Category: Electrification (FEV/PHEV)
  • End Date: 31/08/2013
  • Vehicles: Passenger cars
  • Website:

Fully Electrical Vehicles pose new challenges to the engineering of the electrical and embedded systems. Systems will have more authority, share common resources, and rely less on mechanical backups. Complex power management and optimization algorithms are needed. To succeed in meeting these challenges, appropriate engineering support is required.

The objective of MAENAD is to:

  • Assist the safety process defined in the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard
  • Provide effective prediction of quality attributes (dependability and performance)
  • Provide tool support for the automated exploration of design spaces (dependability, performance and cost optimization)

MAENAD technology is based on the AUTOSAR-compliant EAST-ADL architecture description language.